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Stress & Trauma Release
Mary Whitesides LMBT, NCTMB
828 284 3688

Mary Whitesides is a licensed and nationally certified Body Work Therapist who specializes in releasing stress and trauma in the body. As a Trauma Release Practitioner, she treats both physical and emotional injuries. Her specialty is releasing unresolved emotional charges. In her practice she uses the most effective therapy or combination of therapies to release your stress and trauma patterns. These therapies may include Cranial Sacral Therapy, Neuro Emotional Technique and Trauma Release Exercises.

"Practicing at the Women's Wellness and Education Center feels like coming full circle to me. My very first job was with a pediatrician. I was trained to weigh and measure babies and to hold them during their examinations. I loved that job!

Many years later, an experience with a two-week-old baby inspired me to study Cranial Sacral Therapy. I was working at a natural medical center. One of our patients had prepared for natural childbirth but was delivered by C-section when complications arose. She was heartbroken that she hadn't been able to bond with her son at his birth. The baby was healthy but he still had an indented band around his cranium where he had been stuck in the birth canal. His little fists had been clenched for the two weeks since his birth.
"What happened next was truly amazing. I watched while a therapist used something called Cranial Tri-Release to release the baby's head from the birth trauma. It took about twenty minutes. We were told that when the baby unclenched his fists, no one should touch him but his mother. As the therapist completed her work, the baby's face flushed and relaxed, his fists relaxed, his head shape relaxed. His mother picked him up. Everyone else quietly left the room crying.
"All I could think was, 'I have to learn how to do that!' So I did. I studied Cranial Tri-Release with the person who developed it. Since then I have studied several types of Cranial Sacral Therapy, but the most powerful remains Cranial Tri-Release. I continue to find new ways this and other body-centered therapies can help people enjoy life in their best health. I am very excited and grateful to be practicing at the Women's Wellness and Education Center with such a dynamic and dedicated group of practitioners"

Mary offers a free 20 minute consultation, which gives her a chance to hear more about your specific concerns and to provide you with specific information about how Trauma Therapy Release can best serve you.

Mary can be reached for more information or to schedule a consultation or an appointment at 828 284 3688 or mwhitesides@mindspring.com