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Comprehensive Therapeutic Counseling
Through Tapestry

Tapestry is a licensed residential and outpatient treatment Program providing comprehensive eating disorder  treatment for women who are ready for change.  Beginning in January of 2010,  Tapestry began seeing outpatient clients at The Women's Wellness & Education Center.
One of the most unique facts about Tapestry, and what makes us most excited to add them to the list of Practitioners available at the WWEC is that Tapestry is a  voluntary, community based program. Because Tapestry is voluntary, it is an excellent program for motivated self starting women who want to make positive changes in their lives.   The Outpatient treatment program consists of a collective of professionals: Outpatient Therapists Nicole Fahy, MA, LPC, NCC, PC and Heidi Houser, MS, LPC, and Nutritionist Michelle Rizzi Shelfer, RD.

In addition to seeing Tapestry Clients, Heidi  welcomes new Clients seeking her specialty in body image and self esteem issues as well as eating disorders. Clients are seen by appointment only, please call 828.278.0563 to schedule an appointment. For more information visit the Tapestry website at http://www.tapestrync.com/index.html

Heidi Houser, MS, LPC Program Therapist, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, synthesizes her diverse background and a variety of modalities in her work with women with eating disorders. She has experience with individuals and in group settings applying yoga and the arts to address body image issues, disordered eating, and trauma. Please learn more about Heidi at her website,www.reclaimingbeauty.com

Nicole L. Fahy, MA, LPC, NCC, PC - Outpatient Therapist, has developed a wide array of therapeutic techniques which yield long-term benefits. She believes the cornerstone of therapeutic success is building a trusting and therapeutic relationship with clients and using this toward the client's goals in treatment.

Michelle Rizzi Shelfer RD, LDN, IBCLC- Outpatient Nutritionist
Michelle, originally from New Jersey, has called North Carolinia home for 18years. She feels fortunate to work in a field which allows her to treat people who so desperately need help dealing with their body image and issues around food; whether it be to gain more knowledge about it, or form a better relationship with it. With 18 years experience with group fitness, she integrates “custom fit” work out routines into her nutrition education with clients, when appropriate. Her goal is to diminish her client’s disordered thoughts, beliefs and behaviors about food and exercise, by establishing appropriate eating patterns to optimize health and fitness.