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Mountain Sexology

Kelley Johnson Ph.D


Dr. Johnson has been a health educator since 1989 including 15 years teaching Health and Sexuality and Women’s Health at UNC Asheville. She holds a BS in Clinical Nutrition and a Master’s degree in Public Health Education, both from UNC Greensboro. In 2009, Dr. Wolfe received her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality.  Her practice includes private consultation, public speaking, professional training, education, and advocacy. Dr. Wolfe is a sexologist, not a licensed therapist, counselor, psychologist or psychoanalyst. She suggest non-medical solutions that work within your value system.  She will give you specific strategies for real improvement.

Mountain Sexology offers private sexological consultation, training and education for people of all ages. Classes target the general population as well as health professional such as counselors, social workers, health educators, and other related professionals.

Private consultation: During a private consultation I help clients learn specific strategies that lead to healthy sexual expression. A sexologist sees people who have concerns about sex and offers non-medical solutions that fit each individual’s value system. My approach is straight-forward, non-judgmental and based on the clients needs. Through education and inquiry, I help explore the clients concerns to find insight and solutions that work within their value system. 

Small-Group Intensive Classes: We all think about sex, we all have questions about sex, and most of us are curious about how our sexuality can be enhanced. In a group setting, we discover that this is not only “normal” but positive. Though learning happens in a group setting, each person sets their own goals and creates their own plan for what they want to achieve. The facilitator and other group members are there for support and encouragement. To create and maintain a safe learning environment, group members are asked to attend all classes, do assigned homework, come to class on time and prepared, and to participate as fully and honestly as they are able. 

Workshops: Workshops are fun, short and to the point! They focus in on a particular topic or theme. Workshops are generally three hours in length, cost varies, and class size is limited.

For more information about Dr. Johnson's classes and workshops, which include a variety of options for both children and adults, regardless of age,  please visit  http://www.kelleyjohnsonphd.com/.

You can contact Dr. Johnson by calling 828.301.4460, or emailing