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Your Core PT

Susannah Haarmann, PT, WCS, CLT
 (770) 356-3132

Susannah specializes in the treatment of pelvic health for men and women. She is a certified lymphedema therapist and international leader in advancing rehab care for the cancer patient. Susannah obtained her PT degree from University of North Georgia in 2007 and completed Duke University’s Women’s Health Residency Program in 2012. In 2013 Susannah entered the ranks of ABPTS Women’s Clinical Specialists in 2013; an honor of which only 333 licensed physical therapists hold in the United States as of 2016.
Susannah is a faculty member for the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute teaching continuing education courses nationally to medical practitioners on the topics of pelvic dysfunction and rehabilitation during and after breast cancer treatment. She is the creator of the 2-day course “Rehabilitation for the Breast Cancer Patient" which she teaches internationally.

Clarity of Care: Understand the 'why' of your symptoms and the 'how' to take care of it. Susannah begins all patient treatment with a comprehensive and thorough evaluation which she bases her plan of care on that client and therapist can easily follow. During a treatment session, Susannah delves into her deep manual therapy tool bag to affect change in body tissues and alignment to promote healing. Therapuetic exercise is given to reinforce these changes and empower the patient towards self-treatment. And no patient goes without exercise, education and self-care tools to build towards self-maintenance.

Expertise: Susannah has dedicated her career towards the advancement the advancement of lesser known and rapidly evolving therapies of pelvic health, breast oncology and lymphedema. Susannah completed her residency in Women's Health at Duke University in 2012. She is a faculty member with the Herman & Wallace Rehabilitation Institute teaching continuing education to medical providers across the country. She also is the creator of the course, "Rehabilitation for the Breast Cancer Patient" which she teaches internationally. 

Efficiency in Practice: Susannah is not your 3 times per week therapist (unless you are a complex lymphedema case); try once to every other week and weening sessions towards discharge. Susannah wants to get to the bottom of your pain as soon as possible and enact the change to make your symptoms better so you can do what you love and be the best version of you. Please, do keep in mind, it does take two to tango...so, if you want to rock and roll, please, follow your home program.

Compassion:The therapeutic arena of pelvic health, lymphedema and oncology is unique. A pelvic and breast oncology expert is an orthopedic specialist who, in having additional training pertaining to the the pelvis and chest wall, is aware that these areas are not just anatomical powerhouses, but emotional ones as well. Bringing focus to the pelvis and chest well through discussion, education, movement and therapeutic touch can be incredibly healing for both mind and body and require an elevated awareness and practitioner presence during treatment.

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